this body.

This body is an extra large in tops. This body is plus size. this body has a side profile that I’ve been embarrassed of since I can remember.

This body is sick. This body is allergic to everything. this body is in pain every moment of everyday.

This body has been hated by myself for so long.

But if this body had belonged to anybody else, I’d care for it. I’d treat it better. I’d make sure we found ways to make it feel good.

I look at this body and all I see is failure. I see disappointment and sadness. I see a body that isn’t good for anything besides dying.

The thing with chronic illness is that your good days are limited and trying to stay positive is almost as much work as it is trying to stay alive.

I have a love-hate relationship with this body, but it’s mine & that’s all I have to accept. It’s not fair most of the time, but it’s all I have.