I am average.

I am the definition of average.

My engagement didn't work out and I'm single.

I'm an average height of 5'5".

My body size is literally classified as "mid size". I'm too big for straight sizes and too small for plus sizes.

I have no ass, but a chest that blends in with the size of my hips.

I'm not good enough at anything for it to be considered a talent.

I work a normal office manager job at a private practice.

I don't speak unless I'm spoken to.

I would like to always have a positive mindset but I'm much more of a realist.

I'm just good enough with money to pay my bills but not good enough to have a savings account.

My chronic illness isn't severe enough to be taken seriously.

There are two scenarios that happen the most where someone comments on who I am as a person and they are:

  • Men are telling me how "funny" I am. I very much have the personality of a frat boy, which I enjoy. I can make people laugh enough in my presence, but this doesn't captivate anyone to want to be anything more than a friend with me.

  • People are telling me how "strong" and "resilient" I am for dealing with my chronic illnesses. The thing is, I am not strong or resilient because I am sick. I am just alive and the not dealing with it would result in my death. I am more than my diseases and don't want people to only tell me they're proud of me when I'm dealing with symptoms.

I'm not too sure where I was going with this, rather than just venting. I wish I could make this a feel-good post and tell you it's okay to be average, but I don't feel like it is for myself so I don't feel comfortable telling you it's okay.